Former architect, Pau Buscató is well known for his unusual street pictures. As he never planned to specialize in it, Pau began by shooting all kinds of things, such as landscapes, portraits, long exposure, and street. « After a while, I simply felt more comfortable and had much more fun doing street, so I naturally focused on it », says he. A question might come to mind: is anything set up in advance? The answer is no, these pictures are always taken from real moments.

To get this result, Pau Buscató spent every day for almost six years photographing the streets. « It is long and hard to find special situations. Most of the days I come back home with zero good photos. Also because finding a good situation is just half of the job; the other half is solving that situation photographically. I have often ruined a great situation by not being able to visually solve it well or not reacting quickly enough », Pau said.

« People sometimes ask how I can be so lucky, but when they ask this they fail to understand that behind every successful photo there are a million failed ones. And in those failed ones I was usually very unlucky. There are no shortcuts in street photography, and the more you work, the more ‘lucky’ you get », he concludes.