In his latest series, the award-winning director and photographer Jeremi Durand once again sublimates a body, and not just any body, but that of a dancer and performer: Aliashka Hilsum. The latter embodies a human statue, cleverly tinged with an urban and contemporary aspect that truly anchors it not in a museum of classical paintings, but in a modern context. Jeremi has skillfully managed to capture and suspend the movement. Also, the very expressive model, has put her sensitivity and strength at the service of the photographer. Her work can be found in the collective Goku Kepler.

The title of the series was not chosen by chance. Indeed, the artist currently wants to freeze the movement in time and to present the human body, which has always fascinated him, as a work of art. “We’re always going faster, I wanted to slow down,” he explains. Here, Museum is a window into the perception of the body, its functioning, and mechanism as a museum piece, “as something incredibly efficient, formidable, complex, and to freeze it in time for the eyes of the viewer,” concludes Jeremi.

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