In just one month, the latest video “Compliance”, by the British band MUSE, has already reached over 2.4 million views. Directed and written with talent by the award-winning Jeremi Durand, it is currently in the running for the “Best Director” category at the Berlin Music Video Awards this June. The track can be found on the album titled Will of the People, which is the follow-up to 2018’s Simulation Theory and will be available for listening on August 26. To get behind the making of Compliance, the French director had to win a competition he wrote for with his new agent in Los Angeles. “This is the first competition I’m writing for with LARK, so we were happy to win straight away” he says.

The brief for the video shot in Warsaw, Poland, corresponded directly to the director’s universe, whose touch is evident here: “It’s a song about conformity, as the title indicates. We are on very current themes of society, the doubts that we can have on what surrounds us, how the human evolves, and how and by whom it is governed. The notion of time always inspires me a lot. And here we are in reverse, so we deconstruct”, he explains. As with many of his projects, the viewer ends the viewing half-filled but fully satisfied. Interpolated by what he has just seen, the mind full of questions to which Jeremi leaves the leisure to answer. “A clip is one, even two strong images, and it is thus the sensation, the feeling which remains. That’s what counts above all”. Currently working on three other musical projects, Jeremi is also developing photography and advertising and is in the middle of writing his first feature film.

To find out more about the director and his work, visit his website or his Instagram account.