The Brooklyn-based artist Sean Kenney works with LEGOs to build amazing life-size animal sculptures. LEGO bricks are a familiar medium for everyone, a natural introduction to art for children. Kenney has never stopped using this medium by combining his expertise as a comic book artist with meticulous plans. Recently, he used his LEGOs to sculpt a menagerie of animals for a traveling exhibition called Nature Connects. The exhibition, produced by Imagine Exhibitions, asks the question: just as LEGO bricks interconnect, how is our natural world interconnected?

Integrating flora and fauna, some of which are larger than life, Kenney’s work invites visitors to rediscover animal life by encountering a crouching clouded leopard with a hummingbird perched high above a lily. The sculptor works with a team of artists to research, plan and execute each sculpture over several months. Depending on its size, each project can take up to nine months and nearly 50,000 bricks.

A monumental project that would like to make us aware in a playful way of respect for the environment.