I always knew I would be an artist, with no pretensions, just that this is what I know how to do best“, says Dothy. She who has always drawn everywhere and all the time has never had any doubt about her life path. And this intuition was the right one since today she is at the head of Mersea People that she created in 2015 after working several years in the Surf Industry as a textile graphic designer. A poetic brand through which she offers objects, clothing, jewelry… so many unique products that are true works of art in their own right. “That’s often what people tell me when they buy a Porcelain Medallion: “I feel like I’m wearing a painting”. It’s my way of popularizing art, of making it accessible, of having it worn by everyone,” she explains. Why Mersea People? Simply out of gratitude to the sea, which nourishes the inspiration, the heart, and the soul of the artist, but also to the “people” who carry her so high. “A simple desire to shout thank you”, she adds. Based on the Quiberon Peninsula, where she grew up, child of the Ocean and from a family of sailors, she wants above all to continue to evolve as an artist and work more and more on the quality of its products.