World Press Photo has announced the regional winners of the 2022 World Press Photo Contest. Since this year, the contest is held by region to allow a greater diversity to emerge and to be closer to the evolutions that cross the photojournalism profession. For the competition, the world has been divided into six regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, North and Central America, South America, and South East Asia and Oceania. In addition to a cash prize, the winners will be included in the annual world exhibition and in the competition yearbook. The global winners will be announced in early April.

“Afraid to go to School” © Sodiq Adelakun Adekola, Agence-France Presse. Winner, Africa, Stories.

“The Longing of the Stranger Whose Path Has Been Broken” © Rehab Eldalil. Winner, Africa, Open Format.

“Boundaries: Human-Tiger Conflict” © Senthil Kumaran. Winner, Asia, Long-Term Projects.

“Evia Island Wildfire” © Konstantinos Tsakalidis, for Bloomberg News. Winner, Europe, Singles.

“The Book of Veles” © Jonas Bendiksen. Winner, Europe, Open Format.

“The People Who Feed the United States” © Ismail Ferdous, Agence VU. Winner, North and Central America, Stories.

“Political Year Zero” © Louie Palu. Winner, North and Central America, Long-Term Projects.

“The Flower of Time: Guerrero’s Red Mountain” © Yael Martínez, Magnum Photos. Winner, North and Central America, Open Format.

“San Isidro Settlement Eviction” © Vladimir Encina. Winner, South America, Singles.

“The Promise” © Irina Werning, Pulitzer Center. Winner, South America, Long-Term Projects.

“Saving Forests with Fire” © Matthew Abbott, for National Geographic/Panos Pictures. Winner, Southeast Asia and Oceania, Stories.

“Haze” © Abriansyah Liberto. Winner, Southeast Asia and Oceania, Long-Term Projects.

“The Zebu War” © Rijasolo, Riva Press. Winner, Africa, Long-Term Projects.