At this time, Christoffer Rosenfeldt is still a beginner photographer when he decides to go to the Roskilde Festival (Denmark), one of the biggest pop-rock festivals in Europe, with his camera. The second year of his visit, he won the prize of « best festival photography », and will be invited again for the following editions. He still has no real goal in mind, taking photography as a hobby.

In 2014, he joined forces with Kevin Goss-Ross, a South African photographer: They decide to make a « real » project. This project is noticed by the festival organizers, who will hire them the following year for a collaboration: The project is definitely launched. Their pictures allows us to discover all the different personalities met here and there during the festival. In an off-time environment, doomed to disappear, the shots immortalize the moment, furtive, while the party is in full swing.