The Russian photographer living in Munich, Germany offers us to discover stunning sceneries where the main characters have such a dramatic potential. In Elizaveta Porodina‘s works, every detail is elegant and arouse our curiosity and emotions. Experimental and aesthetic, her graphic style unfolds with beauty for the fashion and advertising industries in particular. We’ve met this visual artist who is, above all, interested in humanity and creates visual stories with poetry and boldness.

What brought you to Fashion and Fine Arts Photography?

While I was working as a clinical psychologist in the psychiatric division in Munich, I started being interested in the photographic medium and I took pictures of my friends, different people I met, admired and fell in love with.

I also put these works online and shared them with a community as this work came to be center of my creativity – while creativity has always been a core of my whole existence. A short time later, I was contacted by designers with requests to shoot their advertisement imagery, which is how I get to know the world of fashion photography and learned how it can be integrated into my artistic vision.

Since then, little has changed in this process. I meet creatives with whom I create art which attracts more and more interesting people, artists, muses that I admire, am inspired by and fall in love with!

You describe your artistic style as «Dark Romantic.» It is right that it’s sometimes intriguing, often delicate and striking, and most of the time melancholic and poetic…

Yes, inspiration and being inspired is part of my existence and cannot be detached at any time. From the very beginning of my life, I have been used to walk through the world with eyes and soul wide open. Listening, watching, perceiving, receiving, admiring and «recording» everything around me. Nothing and nobody is boring or not noteworthy to me, I truly believe in uniqueness and energy that is available for and in anything and anyone.

When I go through my day, I take everything in, smells, feelings, words, colours and shapes – I distill and process this in my art – and I have never questioned this deeply natural process. A lot of people connect my Russian heritage to the «dark» and «romantic» part of my body of work… Which I don’t deny!

Did your job as a psychologist have an impact on your photographs?

I think that both of my professions are driven by the same interest: sympathy and empathy for human behaviours. But also the inner workings of our beautiful spirits, the power of human minds and what love can create. I cannot say that my previous job or any experiences influenced my photography in particular, but my constant interest in everything human certainly did.

What are your upcoming projects?

A book, an exhibition and more travels!

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