Based in Barcelona, Carla Guerrero is a talented self-taught photographer who has worked with global brands such as Nike, Givenchy, and Dior, but also with artists, among them a singer-songwriter with whom her reputation exploded in 2016: Solange Knowles for the album A Seat at the Table. In total, she has been producing work for over a decade. “Tengo un dragon dentro del corazón – The photographs of Carlota Guerrero” is the first book of her imagery, a record of Guerrero’s evolving style, and a compilation of her visual obsessions. A perfect way to contemplate and dive into her beautiful work and artistic universe.

In the book, she explores the female body, a predominant subject in her work. Reclaiming one’s body, discovering sisterhood, celebrating the diversity of women, these are the mantras of this photographer with imagery as strong as it is necessary.

More to learn about the book on the dedicated website  or on her own.