Contemporary artist Cindy Sherman, an absolute icon of metamorphosis and American photography, has launched a new trend that is sure to appeal to younger photographers: she has abandoned classic photographic printing paper to print her deformed and crazy selfies on huge 2 by 3 meter tapestries. You’ll probably have seen passing by on Instagram these lunar photos, yet another way for the photographer to divert, question, disturb. Moving on from her iconic caricature portraits where she interpreted as she pleased the oppressive identities stuck to women (housewife, teenage doll, supermarket cashier, or even rich bourgeois Manhattanite…), she also knew how to quickly appropriate Instagram and once again thwart the narcissistic representation of the self promised by the platform. Through the tapestry, she now creates a physical link between the digital and material work. A look back at the latest project of one of the sassiest artists of the 20th century.