In his recent series entitled «Coca-Colonization: The Americanization of Modern Mexico», Montreal based photographer Drowster offers us to see some Mexican paradoxes and more particularly the duality between local traditions and American style of life.

«On one side, [Mexico has] profoundly rooted cultural traditions such as mariachi bands, colourful murals, masked wrestlers, and on the other, [there is] the ever-growing influence of American economy and culture. The spread of the Internet, the flow of immigrants between both countries and the free-trade ideology promised by the NAFTA agreement have all had their share of influence. The American way of life can be felt in all aspects of society: clothing, food, language, status symbols, social diseases, retail stores, tourists, pensioners, the hectic pace of life, religious denominations, etc», he explains.

Besides, the example of Coca-Cola in Mexico is strong: its citizens are among the heaviest drinkers of soda in the world, and one of their former presidents was chief executive of the American company. Which is, of course, not without consequence for the country.

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