Photographer Sarah Seené based in Montreal is working on a major project called «Fovea». It is a multidisciplinary series dedicated to collecting hand-made silver photographs, Braille inscriptions and sound installations. The visual artist recognized mainly for her work with the Polaroid medium, is here interested in the reality of teenagers and young adults of Quebec living with visual impairments or blindness.


«The contrasts of black and white and the film grains give these images a sweetness and intense depth that can be read on their faces. Textures, sometimes very sharp, sometimes nebulous, envelop the silhouettes, highlight the touch, illuminate the skin, creating a set of intimate and sensitive images», says Sarah Seené. The wish of the photographer is actually to highlight the universe of these people often isolated or even stigmatized. «I want to shatter the misconceptions concerning visual impairments, and I invite the public to live a sensory experience through the meeting of these persons», she adds.

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