When he returned to diving a few years ago, French artistic director based in Lyon Laurent Farges, had the idea to merge two of his main passions: the aquatic environment and photography. From this union arise impressive clichés with a strong poetic potential.

He currently leads two major photographic projects. His first series entitled «The Aquanauts» immerses us, literally, in underwater images that show sporting practices in swimming pool from an artistic and ethereal point of view. «In this series nothing was provoked or staged, I just shoot what I see, says the photographer. These are moments that could almost seem insignificant, to all these “practitioners” of water.»

His second major series, «Narco», presents various underwater portraits which all evoke the sensation of narcosis; the state of unconsciousness and dizziness provoked by the depths. The result of his works is impressive and makes us conceive swimming pools under a different perspective.

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