Serge Najjar was born in Beirut and works as a lawyer there. In his spare time, he enjoys photographing his hometown, focusing on “what has brought order to chaotic Beirut and what brings the ordinary closer to art.” Playing with light and shadow – often with a single person moving through each frame – his incredible geometric and minimalist images are then shared on Instagram where he has over 100k followers.

His work examines the interrelation between modern and contemporary painting and photography. Serge Najjar advances like a goldsmith of cities by showing their multiple geometric potential. He casts his eye as a photographer on our interaction with materials and their correlation with the history of modern art and geometric abstraction. His approach may be instinctive, but his views allow us to reconsider our contemporary environment on a human scale. The human presence makes the utopian, sometimes overwhelming, architectural structures more human. In 2021, he published his first book, “BEIRUT,” with KAHL Editions.