Since his youth, Sami Bencheikh has been roaming the southwest of France. As an intern in radiology at the hospital in Bayonne, he started photography at the beginning of his medical studies. Motivated by great photographers such as Ben Thouard, to name but one, he found in the ocean a refuge from the stress of daily life. In December 2021, the mythical wave of Nazaré broke in Portugal. For the first time, Sami went there. “Nazaré is women, men, and monsters. A special atmosphere and place where world-famous surfers rush to, with tens of thousands of admirers“, he explains. At sunrise, he went to the spot with his brother, equipped with cameras and drones. All-day long, gigantic waves of more than 20 meters were crashing on the cliff. “The photos and films I captured this feeling that day », he tells us. A beautiful visual testimony of the wonder of nature.

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