Born in the Czech Republic and based in Norway, Jan Khür is a photographer mainly inspired by people, a fact that slightly changed recently as he explains “Somehow strangely lately I’ve been doing that less and got somewhat quieter in my photos. It’s a lot of nature and light even though I wouldn’t call it landscape photography. I think all is somewhat connected for me, so when I present my pictures in a book, I mix people with nature and I think it fits”. His work is intimate, and Khür tries to “keep it that way”. “Realness in today’s world is in my opinion valuable. I’m also fascinated by beauty and sort of trash at the same time. I love photographing flowers and destroyed cars with the same intensity”, he says.

Khür’s always had a big social group of somewhat outgoing friends and has photographed them through the years. To do so, he uses small point-and-shoot cameras that he has on him everywhere he’s going. “I like when things in the picture happen naturally, it’s hard for me to stage people and situations. There is a lot of situations happening on the streets and that’s probably the most favorite for me to observe. A lot of things just happens in front of me and it becomes a photograph”, he explains.

His girlfriend is also a source of inspiration and photography is, in this context, a way to replay moments as he “does not have the best memory”. “I have an ongoing series called Notes. It’s the stream of moments, almost like a diary but with not really an understandable timeline of when things happen or where. All together it creates a feeling and that’s something I seek. Be able to communicate a feeling in the viewer of the image”, he precises.

More to discover on his website or his Instagram account.