Akatre is a creative studio founded in 2007, in Paris. Julien Dhivert and Sebastien Riveron work and express themselves in graphic design, typography, computer graphics, photography, video, art installation and music creation for institutions in the field of art, culture, fashion, media and luxury.

In the photo project with Eugénie Drion presented here, the dancer at the Opera Ballet twirls around the letters of an ultra-graphic alphabet, designed in the studio’s iconoclastic style, sublimating this design work.

About the collaboration with Akatre, Eugénie Drion says: “I had already seen Akatre’s work, especially with the masks, which I really liked. I find that in photography the dynamics of clothing in movement is always very interesting. I really like the fact of collaborating in projects and mixing the work of different artists to
different artists to draw inspiration from each other.”

Model: Eugenie Drion, Quadrille, Opera Ballet
Photo and design: Akatre
Styling : Louise Marcaud
Mask stylist: Muriel Nisse