Freelance graphic designer and photographer, Lola Delabays (Instagram here) has always been passionate about creating and sharing inspiring content, which led her to work for Fubiz as well.

“While my friends call me artist, companies call me freelance. Today, my favorite forms of expression are video and photography,” she says.

Photographing portraits, weddings and private events, travel photography remains her favorite practice. With a year’s travel experience abroad, she realized that discovering new cultures and landscapes was something fundamental for her. One year discovering Asia led her, among other things, to realize this series captured between Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Laos.

The series ” Asian Aesthetics “ can be seen as a board of visual inspiration. It brings together her vision of this fascinating part of the world through styles, colors, life scenes and general aesthetics. A year capturing smiles, breathtaking landscapes, solidarity and hours spent on the road. More pictures on Lola’s Behance, here.