Whether urban or natural, the many landscapes immortalized by Montreal based photographer Simon Lachapelle captivate with their textures and shades of colours. Specialized in architecture and landscape photography, he chooses spectacular buildings, succeeds to highlight them and immerses us to the heart of their magic. Nature also inspires him, and he reveals to us some of his explorations, in search of poetic moments.

«I’ve always been a fan of modern architecture. I love to include in my photography leading lines, symmetry and strong compositions. Architecture photography is all about that!  I also really enjoy the outdoors, so I always bring my camera with me while I’m travelling plus the techniques involved in landscape photography is somewhat similar to architecture photography, he says. Discovering new places is what keeps me going. In the past few years, I have travelled to multiple cities to capture some of the most impressive architecture in the world. I have been to New York, Chicago, Toronto, San Francisco, Seoul, to name a few. I’ve also been all around Canada, the United States and Ireland in order to capture some great landscapes.»
The photographer is currently planning other trips to Asia and would like to travel to Patagonia, Iceland and Norway in the coming years to capture some of the most impressive landscapes on the planet. You can follow his travels and projects on Instagram.