« What inspires me in cherry blossoms is the rebirth of nature after winter. It announces that the good weather is coming back », says Laura Thonne. This Belgian-born and self-taught web designer and photographer moved to Japan almost two years ago and has since been working in her passion. With this unique series called « Cherry Blossoms, Japan », the artist offers magical shots full of nature and encounters. « For this series, I wanted to represent a very calm and serene Japan, which makes you want to breathe and take time to admire the beauty that offers the world around us. Spring in Japan is the best season to enjoy long walks outside. Sakura also rhymes with hanami, in Japanese, which is an annual tradition during this period, during which we meet with friends, family or colleagues to drink and have fun all day long, under the cherry blossoms. It’s a pure moment of happiness ».

« What inspires me the most in my work in general is mostly the composition, colors and shadows. I like playing with these three elements to give a mysterious touch to my pictures. In my streets photos, you can rarely see faces because I love to pass emotions without necessarily seeing the facial expressions of a person ».

Found more about her images in her Instagram page : @dex.streets