Andrew Studer went in Bhutan for the first time in 2017. With two of his good friends, Melissa, and ‘Myspace Tom’, he spent a couple of weeks there. He fell in love with the country and with portrait photography. « I’ve always primarily been interested in nature photography so before my first trip to Bhutan I was expecting to focus on the landscapes and temples but street photography and portraiture really intrigued me », says he. It is later, in winter 2018 that he had been invited back there to shoot an assignment for MyBhutan. 

« I returned to the country, excited to focus on portrait capturing photography of the Brokpas, a tribe consisting of yak herders who live in the disconnected, eastern village of Merak. From the airport, it was a 24-hour drive all the way out to the village! », he explains. Once there, Andrew could spend time to get to know the people. Brilliantly, he captured the faces and moments of life and takes us there to discover the essence of Bhutan’s peoples.