In his book Homage to Humanity, published by Rizzoli, photographer, and photojournalist Jimmy Nelson offers us an extraordinary journey to different indigenous cultures of the world. The Marquesas Islands, Mongolia, Peru, Australia, Vanuatu … in every place visited, he was able to capture the very essence of the people he met. A true tribute to these cultures, in which it is recalled that « human learning continues through vulnerability, kindness, generosity, good humor and above all cultural pride ». Through his incredible shots, Jimmy Nelson wants to convey a specific message, that of « respect, dignity, and lack of judgment in how we look at each other as human beings. »

The book itself offers an immersive experience to readers. Each photograph has a hidden digital aspect. An associated mobile app can reveal background stories, interviews, movie sequences and more, which are hidden behind the pictures. A rewarding and breathtaking journey.