Born in Mexico and based in Madrid, Paloma Rincón is a talented photographer. In her series “Acapulco”, she transcribes with her art, her holiday memories in this city, and shares her experiences. More than working on the place itself, she develops her perceptions and the ideas she has made of them. Her childhood and Mexico is for her places or concepts full of colors. For this series, she wanted to use a light palette that plays with the gradients, and the contrast of the tones: « The light choice also supported the look and feel I wanted to achieve », she adds. 

The photographs presented are composed of different elements, related to the memory of Paloma Rincón. On one side there are tropical fruits, vegetation, flowers, and animals. On the other side, the pools represent the long hours spent in the water and at the beach. Boats and palm trees are linked to the coast. « The sea is shown in a more graphic style and the gradient drapes stand for the skies. There are more specific objects like the now so well known chair design Acapulco, recreated in a more abstract way », she concludes.