Grey Chow is a self-made photographer from Kuala Lumpur, Malasia. His detailed fairytale pictures of the stars and the milky way were taken in the various countries he visited. From the mount Kinabalu in Malaysia, to the mount Ijen and the mount Bromo (both are active volcano) in Indonesia, to the Church of the good shepherd in New-Zealand and the Key Monastery in India, the artist travels the world to pursue his passion. « One day, I saw that someone posted a photo of the milky way in a Facebook group and that really blew my mind. Before that, I thought I needed to have a giant telescope or some expensive gadgets in order to capture these deep-sky objects. But then I realized I was able to do it with my own camera. Ever since, I’m totally fascinated in taking pictures of the night sky and I gave travelled to different places or even hike up to mountain around 4,000 meters altitude just to get the perfect picture! », he says.


« I love to look for some new and creative idea from the internet, it can be a unique location to find some techniques that I can apply in my photography. My style is about mystery and colorful milky way, full of details. To me, my pictures aren’t only about the night sky but it’s about showing beautiful scenery with the it. When you have two beautiful things put together into one photo, it just makes it up to a different level of greatness », he adds.

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @grey1217.