Adam Koziol is a photographer from Poznań, Poland. In 2013, during his trip to Borneo, discussing with one of the last “Iban”, he realized that 3000 years of culture and tradition are doomed to disappear in the years to come. From then on, he decided to start a photographic and documentary project to highlight these forgotten tribal cultures who will probably disappear, all over the world.
He pays particular attention to phenotypes that allows to recognize them among all these tribes: tattoos, scarifications, ornaments or even clothing. Its primary purpose is to make people aware of that extinction issue, and to make them understand that his work may one day be one of the only way to know about these cultures. Having already documented 50 tribes, he wants to release a book that allows to list and explain the culture and history of each tribe. With striking and emotional pictures, he manages to make us aware of the situation, but also to immerse ourselves into the daily lives of his tribes too often forgotten.