Michael Voropaev is a photographer from Moscow, and whose inspiration comes mainly from the melancholy feeling, which he considers one of the most enigmatic states of man, and that he will use in many of his works. This will be the main subject of his serie “Introduction to Russian Neo-Noir”.
He chooses Moscow as a place : Center of Russia, this is a city with unlimited possibilities, whose contrasts are very marked, but also one of the places where people can feel solitude.
At the heart of the metropolis, the human being gradually loses its social character in favor of silence, introversion.
Being a “social creature” is part of our nature, the lack of interaction makes us stay quiet, and that’s the reason why we are missing huge opportunities. His shots represents lonely and pensive characters, whose nostalgic thoughts and feelings of distress caused by loneliness are easily guessed. Full of spleen and darkness, the frame in which they are evolving seems also designed for this kind of feelings. The artist wishes to continue to study and explore melancholy in his future photographic plans.