The renowned Astronomy Photographer of the Year, from the Royal Greenwich Observatory, has announced its winners. This is the largest international competition of its kind. Each year, it presents the best photographs of space taken by a worldwide community of astrophotographers. This year, Suchang Dong was crowned the grand prize winner of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year Award for his mesmerizing shot of the Golden Ring, taken during the solar ring team in the Ali region of Tibet on June 21, 2020. Alongside him, the winners of the other categories did not lose out! We see a beautiful shot of aurora borealis by Dmitrii Rybalka, but also an impressive galaxy photo by Zhong Wu, a sweet photograph of the moon by the French Nicolas Lefaudeux, or an image of the moon and dunes, by Jeffrey Lovelace.

To see all the winners and learn more about the contest, visit the contest website.

Luna Dunes by Jeffrey Lovelace (USA)

Beyond the Limb by Nicolas Lefaudeux (France)


The Milky Ring by Zhong Wu (China)

Polar Lights Dance by Dmitrii Rybalka (Russia)

Shuchang Dong, The Golden Ring, Tibet