« Milk & Honey » is the name of this series made by Thomas Jordan. These detailed and singular pictures were taken within 5 miles away from his home in the western suburbs of Chicago. « I was looking to photographically capture the idea of new life, blessings and promises. The idea for this series came from watching my wife’s pregnancy with our second daughter and how I had been interpreting the life my daughter will live after birth. I want her to have prosperity and happiness and this was a way for me to interpret those thoughts », he says.

With these double exposed pictures, layering flowers over homes, the artist wanted to express the meaning of a new life in a family. « Using nature was essential in capturing the idea of blessings and new life. One specific image is the car with the pink ribbons hanging from the mirror, I took this picture shortly after we found out we were expecting another girl », he adds.

Found more of his work on his Instagram page @tamejawdin.