TIME Magazine has recently announced its top 10 of the most powerful pictures of 2014. With our technologies, the photography continues to play a role, more and more important in our lives by connecting us in real time to all what is happening in the other side of the world. Among all the cliches they’ve seen passing, they wanted to take the time to share 10 big events of this year.

By Tomas Van Houtryve VII, California, November 2014.

By Massimo Sestini, Mediterranean Sea, June 2014 – Polaris.

By Nikita Dudnik, Russia, July 2014 – AP.

By Ross McDonnell, Ukraine, January 2014.

By Jerome Sessini, Ukraine, July 2014 – Magnum.

By Ellen Degeneres, The Oscars Ceremony, March 2014 – Reuters.

By Moises Saman, Iraq, August 2014 – Magnum for Time.

By Aniel Berehulak, Liberia, September 2014 – The New York Times / Redux.

By Tyler Hicks, Gaza, July 2014 – The New York Times / Redux.

By Whitney Curtis, Ferguson, August 2014 – The New York Times / Redux.