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Wintercroft Masks Design

Steve Wintercroft designed a series of brilliant three-dimensional mask templates. Ingenious and fun, masks can be easily constructed with simple tools, cereal boxes and old cardboard found at home. The three series animal, halloween and humanoid are available for purchase through the artist shop.

The Streets of San Francisco

In the style of Fan Ho that transcribed the poetry of Hong Kong in the 50s, the photographer Fred Lyon presents a touching portrait of San Francisco city from the 40′s to the 60′s by a series of black and white photographs. From the fisherman to the passerby, from the flourishing buildings to neon signs, the artist illustrates with sensitivity the vintage aspect of the Californian city.

Touchable Memories

If you were blind, how could you take a look at a picture? This is the question that the Touchable Memories project initiated by Pirate3D tried to respond by 3D printing photographs, allowing to touch a part of it, an invisible paper surface becoming a touchable souvenir. Check out this wonderful video below.

Tim Navis Photography

Las Vegas-based photographer Tim Navis takes pictures in black and white, colors, digital or with film camera. Here’s a selection of his pictures, from his series “Digital” and “Film” : cliches where the nature speaks through the patterns it draws with the reliefs and by the power of its desertic landscapes.

Hip Hop Icons Stamps

The artist Mark Culmer has developed a series of stamps featuring portraits of America’s greatest rappers, annotated by their initials. J Dilla, Notorious BIG or 2Pac are to be discovered through monochromatic stamps which are available online via Madina website.