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Tuane Eggers Photography

Tuane Eggers is a talented photographer from Brazil. The artist takes fresh and light atmosphere, the vintage colors giving a strong character to her photography. Several subjects are photographed, man and wife, but also the nature and animals. A magnificent series of photographs to discover later in the article.

Crossroad of Realities

Photographer Benoit Paillé had the excellent idea with his series “Crossroad of Realities” to try to erase the boundary between actual shooting photo and video games. Using images from the game Grand Theft Auto V, so this series offers the possibility to return to the screen of the screen, and manages to plunge us in a unique world.

Best-of Timelapse on Fubiz

For the second best-of of April, we have gathered for you the best of the timelapse : this beautiful technique which allows to accelerate the time to see it flying by and which also permits to landscapes, flowers, people and cities to move themselves. The selection is available in the next part of the article.