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Colorful Iranian Architecture

Mohammad Domiri, young Iranian photographer and physics student, is passionate about architecture. He likes to capture the monuments of the Middle East, which is why most of his photoshoots are devoted to traditional large mosques. Geometric patterns, fascinating mosaics and swirling colors, the result, to discover later in the article, is breathtaking.

Frost by Mads Botker

“Frost” is a series of events taking place in Copenhagen during the month of February. The final concept for 2013 was built on the idea of ​​the experience itself in a confined space. The experiment is performed using red and blue colored liquids, placed together or separately, each experiment provides a different result.

Bolivian Rituals

Thomas Rousset & Raphaël Verona went Altiplano region in Bolivia and approached to capture people practicing ancient rituals. Impressive shots that show us worship and ceremonies unusual for us gathered under the name of the series “Waska Tatay” to discover in the article.