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Glitch Photography

Here is a range of photographic bug signed by artist Sabato Visconti. We perceive portraits and staging blurred in some parts, and even on the entire surface. To obtain these highly aesthetic anomalies, the artist uses computer applications and manipulate codings to separate pixels and creates glitch art. Discover.

Rooftop Dancers in Paris by JR

Famous artist JR has assembled a cast of forty dancers that he photographed at 56m above the ground, on the rooftop of the Opera Garnier in Paris. Dressed in black and white polka-dot leotards, dancers have played the game and made this ambitious project a reality. Find out more in the gallery.

Osma Harvilahti Photography

Helsinki-based photographer Osma Harvilahti is the author of very beautiful photos he takes during his trips : in Morocco, in Kenya, in Singapour or in London. His pictures often look like contemporary still lives, mixing fruits, portraits, animals and flowers. His personal work and his photoshoot for Finnish designers Marimekko’s new campaign are to discover in the article.

90 Degrees Series by Daniel Gregoric

Australian photographer Daniel Gregoric got inspired by the artistic movement Bauhaus and constructivist artists such as Laszlo Moholy-Nagy to realize his series “90 degrees”. In collaboration with stylist Irene Drakoulas, this series mixes geometric and colorful lines letting women’s body parts appearing : a mouth, a neck, an eye or a leg.