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Hip Hop Icons Stamps

The artist Mark Culmer has developed a series of stamps featuring portraits of America’s greatest rappers, annotated by their initials. J Dilla, Notorious BIG or 2Pac are to be discovered through monochromatic stamps which are available online via Madina website.

Society of Biology Photography Award 2014

The Society of Biology just released its shortlist for the this year’s edition. The theme of 2014 is : “Home, Habitat and Shelter” and 800 entries have been counted, from amateur photographers. The winners could win 1,000 £ (500£ for younger participants). A spider’s web or an egg through we can see an embryo : a selection is available in the article.

100 Years Of Leica

For the 100th anniversary of Leica’s cameras and the Leica Gallery’s opening in Sao Paulo, Brazilian agency F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi wanted to reproduce through a 2 minutes-spot, the most historical 35 pictures that have been taken by a Leica. In the list : Robert Capa and his falling soldier, Diane Arbus and her twins, Joe Rosenthal and his soldiers after the Iwo Jima’s battle, Annie Leibovitz and her portrait of Lennon and Ono.

Rays of Lights Photography

Depuis 2010, the series Visible Light”, thought by American photographer Alexander Harding, gathers a beautiful collection of luminous and natural light’s beams, generated by the sunshine and often reflected in mirrors. Rays look so dense that they seem sometimes like they’re pouring on the ground. This artist considers the light more as “revelation than a revealing element itself”.