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The Polaroid Calendar

The Poladarium 2015 is a tear-off calendar published by German publishers Seltmann + Söhne. It gathers a selection of 365 Polaroïds for each day, giving informations about the photographer in the back of the picture. A high quality printing technique on a glossy paper, the whole package presented in a beautiful designed box, to discover.

Photo Collage Turned into Citymaps

Japanese artist and cartographer Sohei Nishino is mapping the world’s cities. From Rio to London and from New York to Tokyo, his highly detailed maps serve up a unique portrait of some of the world’s most diverse cities. Consisting of thousands of cut-out snapshots of each location, the artist meticulously pieces together these images to form highly complicated collages.

Tornado of Fish Photography

It’s in the turquoise waters off the Cabo Pulmo coast, Mexico, during a Diving session that Mika Woyda and her husband, Caine Delacy, have lived the unusual experience to meet a huge school of fish. The couple took advantage of this special moment to blend in with the silver swirl and capture incredible images. To discover.