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Red Mountaineer Photography

Mammut is a Swiss brand specialist in the manufacture of mountain equipment. For its campaign, the brand has gathered several climbers dressed in red suits for a striking effect. Models are sometimes clinging to the mountains or in circle for a nice visual impact. To discover in images.

Up In The Air Series

Belgian photographer Antoine Rose takes vertiginous pictures of Miama beaches and Long Island’s coasts in his series “Up In The Air”. From a helicopter, he adopts a bird-eye’s view to capture the colors of spread towels, beach umbrellas and the turquoise water’s lines. He will be exhibited from 15th November 2014 to 26th January 2015, at the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, in New York.

Full Sunshine Series

For a final studies project at ECAL, French photographer Anaïs Boileau made a series called “Plein Soleil”. With couples of pictures echoing each other, her series mixes very graphic architecture and sunbathing women’s portraits. Beautiful colors and connections, to discover.

Food Design by Aaron Tilley

London-based photographer Aaron Tilley offers us a Food Design series where he uses pasta as patterns for the ground, and even as stairs structure. On a second series of three photos, he shows his talents by several demonstrations such as mushrooms sculpture and a slice of cake covered with a beautiful garden. To discover in the article.