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Jaka Bulc Photography

Graduated from the University of Ljubljana, young Slovene photographer Jaka Bulc takes pure pictures of the countries he visited. From Cadiz in Spain to the Fontainebleau Forest in France, not forgetting the mountains chains of Slovenia, a selection of his work is available in the gallery.

Abandoned Greek Airport

Hellenikon Airport located in Athens, is an empty and abandoned place that the photographer Yorgos Karahalis (from Reuters agency) wanted to immortalize through a series of pictures. This airport has been closed a decade ago and it it now filled by debris, garbages and rooms with administrative papers.

Sponge Popsicles

Danish duo artists PUTPUT have created the very colorful series “Popsicles” which gathers sponge photos in the shape of popsicles. Some of them look appetizing, others look more curious but always appealing. A nice work around popsicles, to discover in images in the gallery.