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Summertime Photography

Since 2012, the Polish photographer Izabela Urbaniak also mother of two boys decided to immortalize them. A series in black and white called “Summertime” and containing stunning images of an idyllic summer away from tv and computers. To discover in the article.

Mothers and Children by Ken Heyman

The famous photographer Ken Heyman has traveled the world throughout his career. One of his favorite themes : family. The Mothers series reflects his meetings with mothers and their children. These photographs, taken there is 50 years, had been made for the Family book, co-authored with anthropologist Margaret Mead.

Normal Life of Alice

The English photographer Sian Davey unveils Looking For Alice, a series devoted to his daughter with Down syndrome. Snapshots that provide a caring and positive outlook on the disease. Despite the unique Alice physical and mental development, she lives a happy day, accomplice and rhythmic, like all the other little girls. A touching illustration of family life.

Lens Between Us

Focus on Lens Between Us, common project of artistic directors Peter Sedlacik & Zuzu Galova. This series of pictures consists of pictures of travel, artists capture each other, then assemble the two points of view photographed. A fascinating look, soft and unique, on travel, love, respect to each other.