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The Best Wildlife Photography Of 2014

The Natural History Museum of London has announced the winners and finalists for the contest Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014. More than 42 000 submissions coming from 96 different countries have been selected according to their composition, innovation and their own interpretation of nature. A beautiful panorama of pictures to discover.

Mountains Photography by Max Rive

In this series of photos signed by the photographer Max Rive , we see a man standing proudly at the forefront at the forefront of just climbed peaks dominating the landscape appears in front of him. These pictures of exceptional quality seem to echo the myth of David and Goliath. Giant mountain having just been defeated by the little man.

Night’s Projection Photography

Graduated from the Ecole des Gobelins, young and talented photographer Marine Billet has collaborated with Hellena Burchard for the series “Night’s Projection” : 5 photos of luminous geometric forms’ projections in anamorphosis in the middle of wild landscapes at night. Without any post-production, she created the different forms she wanted on Photoshop beforehand. A beautiful intervention of articifial shapes in a nature that she models.

Commando Creative Collages

In his series “Commando Creative”, French creative Mister Blick takes famous war photographs to make flowers’ collages. Amaryllis and tulips replace the bazookas and guns of the soldiers in black and white ; the American flag of the Iwo Jima battle becomes a big pink flower that the soldiers raise proudly. A poetic way to soften the violence and the bullets with a few petals.

Star Wars in Real Life

Child, we all spent days to imagine a hybrid world in which reality and imagination mingled, our favorite movie characters walking down the street in front of us. For the photographer Thomas Dagg , this cerebral fantasy means only one thing : Star Wars. Through an exceptional photographic and infographic composition, the artist delivers this series to discover below.

Wintercroft Masks Design

Steve Wintercroft designed a series of brilliant three-dimensional mask templates. Ingenious and fun, masks can be easily constructed with simple tools, cereal boxes and old cardboard found at home. The three series animal, halloween and humanoid are available for purchase through the artist shop.