The biennial Photoclimat, which will take place from September 18 to October 17 for its first edition, proposes to conduct a photographic reflection on urgent themes related to the climate and the effects of its deregulation on our lives. From droughts to food shortages, through environmental disasters, the challenges of the coming years will be significant and will affect all of humanity, weighing heavily on the less fortunate. Photoclimat proposes to raise awareness through the weight of the image. It is a journey through eleven places in the heart of Paris and six institutions of Greater Paris. About thirty committed artists will be exhibited, whose works help to highlight environmental and social issues. All exhibitions are organized according to the principle of recycling and maximum waste reduction.

© Nicolas Henry Kitihawa’s Chandelier

© Namsa Leuba Damien NGL

Finaliste pour le prix Dahindhen © Elsa Leydier

Finaliste pour le prix Dahindhen © Daesung Lee

© Ferhat Bouda / Agence VU’ pour Action contre la Faim. Surexposés, le dérèglement climatique VU’ par Action contre la Faim

© Catalina Martin-Chico / Agence VU’ pour Action contre la Faim

© Alessandro Puccinelli Séries : Mare et Plastic

© Fabrice Monteiro, Courtesy Galerie MAGNIN-A Série : The Prophecy

© Aïda Muluneh Série : Water Life