For its eighth edition, BigPicture continues to encourage photographers from all over the world to participate in this contest which has a very specific goal: to celebrate and illustrate the diversity of life on Earth. In doing so, it aims to take action to protect and conserve it through the power of the image. The photographs are then submitted to the jury, chaired by award-winning conservation photographer Suzi Eszterhas. This year’s grand prize winner was Jo-Anne McArthur, who won the grand prize for her photograph Hope Amidst the Ashes. A symbolically powerful image as she immortalized a resilient kangaroo taking a break in a burned eucalyptus plantation. “Nearly three billion animals have perished or been displaced in the cataclysmic Australian bushfires of 2019 and 2020. This eastern grey kangaroo and her cub represent the lucky survivors, escaping an area transformed by humans for agriculture and then devastated by fire,” the contest website reads. The other winners and finalists are in different categories: aquatic life, terrestrial wildlife, winged life, landscapes waterscapes and flora, art of nature, human/nature, photo story “out of the ordinary”.

To learn more and discover the stories behind the photographs, visit the website.

Hope in a Burned Plantation. Jo-Anne McArthur

Barracuda. Yung-Sen Wu.

Boss. Michelle Valberg.

Beak to Beak. Shane Kalyn.

Another Planet. Fran Rubia.

The Goblet of Fire. Sarang Naik.

Sign of the Tides. Ralph Pace.

Klukshu Ice Bears. Peter Mather.