Originally from Volvic, in a volcanic region of France, Bastien Soleil has not always been a photographer, but his art has naturally imposed itself on him. At first a designer, marketing, and communication expert, the artist changed his life and his vision. It was the first snorkeling dive in Thailand six years ago that the love affair between the photographer and the underwater world began.  Three years later, he invested in a camera and appropriate housing, which allowed him to capture the beauty of it. The result is striking pictures, which call for letting go, abandonment, and faith. “I believe in Freedom, not the freedom to act senselessly, but the Freedom to be free from one’s past and history, from everything we think limits us. With the help of Water, I realized that we are unlimited, it’s about energy and letting go”, he explains.

His recognizable artistic universe offers a world full of wonders, where the shimmering rays of the sun embrace and sublimate the bodies he photographs. The graceful movement of the models, in weightlessness, is captured by the camera without giving the impression of being frozen. The works of Bastien Soleil often recall the aestheticism of classical paintings, with a sometimes-dramatic aspect. All of his photographs are taken underwater and without air assistance or masks for the models. A real performance that he achieves with brilliance and which requires fast work since the shooting time lasts less than 30 seconds. His work has been exhibited in France and around the world and his video Tang’o, also relayed internationally, has just been awarded the prize for “Best Foreign Short Film” by the London Independent Film Awards.

More of his poetic work to see on his website, facebook page  or Instagram account.