“While I was browsing the Internet, I made this strange discovery: the male genitalia weigh in average only 100 grams! Somewhat comical information that first made me smile, until I realized that it was precisely these 100 little grams that separated me from equality” explains the photographer Lisa Miquet about her 100 Grams project.

Irreverent, offbeat, cheeky, her photographic series exposes compositions of insignificant objects weighing precisely 100 grams in order to highlight the obsolescence of gender prejudices. 6 sets by the set designer Manon Simonot and the same thread: “100 grams of “…jewelry, mini sausages (“no offense” smiles the photographer), calissons and other sweets, which in the end, symbolize the weight of equality.

With these 100 grams more “Society would have had other aspirations for me: I should have been virile, embodying strength, not crying. But those few grams would also have made my life lighter, easier, freer.”

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