Alessio Trerotoli (Instagram here) has dedicated a large part of his life to creating superimpositions of several images in order to create abstract cityscapes. This approach allowed him to perfectly render the idea of contemporary life in modern metropolises such as Rome, New York, Paris, Berlin, and many others.

By juxtaposing different images, his goal is to show how a usual photo can be transformed into a conceptual image where everything is duplicated, lights and structures multiply and build a new vision of urban life. So he tries to nourish his inspiration by walking every day like a kind of modern stroller. During these walks, he takes street pictures of the cities he visits.

This project is called “Urban Melodies” and is intended to show what beauty remains in these often alienating metropolises. Whether it is a traffic jam or a ruined building, the artist manages to show us reality from another point of view.