Do you want to have a unique Champagne tasting experience? Music allows you! Since 1843, the House of Krug has explored new ways to enrich the tasting experience. While Music has always been at its heart, the current endeavor was spurred by recent research further affirming the impact of hearing on taste.

Krug challenged the IRCAM researchers to use the powers of sound to convey the unique profiles of the different base wines that compose Krug Grande Cuvée. They suggested linking sound properties with correlating tasting notes, thus creating a sonic environment able to offer a multisensory experience in the new tasting space within the Krug Family House, based in Reims.

Composer Roque Rivas was approached to create the ten soundscapes, representing ten sub-regions within Champagne that are represented in the final blend of Krug Grande Cuvée. A one-of-a-kind immersive sound system was designed specifically by architecture and interior design agency AW² and Amadeus, designer and manufacturer of high-end
electroacoustic systems. It features 34 loudspeakers most of which are seamlessly integrated into the ‘Wall of 400 Wines’.

Eight speakers surrounding the guests have been specifically designed by French designer Stéphanie Ledoux from AW² agency, engineered and manufactured by Amadeus. Each speaker is made of COR-TEN steel, cut and then laser welded.

Laser-machined, the front panel of the speaker hints at a aletter ‘K’, pattern, the symbol of the Maison Krug. The rust finish results from the rapid oxidation of the material, stopped by a chemical process, then ‘fixed’ with a transparent matt varnish. A minimalist design at the service of a completely new and multi-sensory tasting experience.