It is in New York that photographer Dee Williamscreates imagery that makes the status quo uncomfortable.” With her strong portraits, far from mainstream representations, she takes each new shoot as an opportunity to experiment with new photographic approaches. Color, attitude and people, often her friends, are subjects that she wishes to portrait in their greatest authenticity. Today, she decides to sell her images to serve essential causes.

How did your love story with photography begin ?
I was inspired to start photographing by my uncle, my mom’s brother. He used to take photos of every and anything when he traveled. The joy in his face when he showed me his film inspired me to document everything. I was the girl in middle and high school that always had a little point and shoot camera on her, and had thousands of photos on my Myspace and Facebook pages. I took one photography class in high school, but I am mostly self taught (Youtube, online photo sites, books). I didn’t take photography seriously until 2016, and from then it has been an amazing ride.
How do you succeed to capture such authentic attitudes ?

The majority of people I photograph are my friends or a friend of a friend, that I have already built a connection with. But I also love to blast music during my shoots, It helps everyone, including myself relax. A top priority for me is to make sure the person I am photographing is completely comfortable and being true to themselves, I think you can really see that in my images.

Do you leave room for personal experimentation ?
My inspiration comes from my family, friends and peers. I experiment with every shoot I do. I don’t have a set editing style, so every project is a different experiment. My favorite stylist to work with is Monet Maxwell , we work so good together and is comfortable with me going crazy and trying new techniques with every photoshoot.