The pictures of Erika Zolli are surrealistic, geometrical and figurative, a very particular and original style that stands out in her latest series that we present here.
In this new project, “Metamorphosis of Self”, the photographer immerses herself in a representation of herself made of symbolic meanings that act as a bridge to a deep observation of conscious and unconscious feelings. Images where creativity is intertwined with a dreamlike and surreal world: origami that revolve around the subject, gears that move the head and heart, crystal glasses that reflect the face, silvery metamorphoses and skies that interconnect in harmony with geometric shapes.

“In this project, I wanted to create thirteen representations of myself, each image revolves around a concept that is of fundamental importance to me, strengths and weaknesses that, through photographic art, are laid bare to be observed by an eye that represents itself. In the self-portrait, one places oneself outside oneself, one becomes a stranger to oneself and through this movement one wants to recognize oneself by creating a kind of blind spot. It overcomes the opposition between the sensible and the intelligible, thus acting as a bridge between the two parts, allowing a better knowledge of one’s unconscious. These thirteen images are characterized by strong and vivid colours to highlight the subject which, although immobile and posing, maintains a stability impregnated with dynamic force”. the photographer explained to us.