The art of surfing is once again celebrated in the 2020 edition of the Nikon surf photography competition.
23 finalists were selected and Ren McGann who finally won this edition with his image “The Right”.

“The Right” by Ren McGann, Winner

McGann’s powerful photography stands out above all for its intensity and the perfect balance of deep blue water, dark sky and light.
Taken at the right time, the wave is about to close around the surfer. A dramatic rendering and a very well composed image.

We present you some grandiose images of the finalists of this edition.

“Breathing. Surfer Scott Whip Dennis” by Simon Punch, Finalist

“Danny Sunset Stern” by Stu Gibson, Finalist

“Empty” by Trent Slatter, Finalist

“Flume” by Paul Smith, Finalist

“Free Fall” by Ren McGann, Finalist

“Froth Monster” by Travis Johnson, Finalist

“Gun Barrel Highway” by Peter Jovic, Finalist

“No Looking Back” by Peter Jovic, Finalist

“The Big Bang” by Ray Collins, Finalist