Karen Jerzyk was well aware of the risk her latest project ran as being ‘cheeky’…

“I know the sheet-ghost image has been used a million times before, in countless applications,” she said, “but it was October and the timing was perfect and I always loved the simplicity and character of sheet-ghosts.”

She didn’t even intend to stop in the small Yellow Dog Village — an abandoned neighborhood of Pennsylvania. But with her obsession with run-down homes and gravel roads, it seemed the perfect place to stop and shoot some shots.

“It instantly makes me think of my childhood, and there’s something magical about it—if you were a kid growing up with no resources to get or make a Halloween costume (I was never that kid, but always had friends that were, and helped many make their costumes over the years), there was ALWAYS a way to be a ghost.”

With the project’s simplicity, she has started somewhat of a fall trend for photographers in the area who follow her work; maybe she will continue with the tradition next year.