Originally known as a DJ in France, it is today as a photographer that we discover Olivier Darock. In his “Humanitarian” series, he shares with his audience moments of life captured on the fly, during three different trips to Madagascar, India and Vietnam. A true sharing of the artist’s emotions, transmitted here through the image.

How did you get into photography?

My father have always been passionate about photography, I got that from him, and from an early age. I first started by taking pictures of my friends, my family and then I started to do it as a professional with weddings, events, real estate, corporate … before I made it artistic with my last series. 

What is the idea that led to the creation of this series?

Basically, I approached a Malagasy association in order to offer them my experience as a photographer and to give them the photographs taken for their communication (social networks, magazines, website, etc.). I particularly like portrait, so I tried my best to bring out the emotions, always positive, that I felt during my travels.

Why did you choose these three countries?

Madagascar was close to my heart because my best friend’s parents were born there. The choice of Vietnam is the result of a combination of circumstances. What happened is that I met two persons through my friends and they suggested the subject to me. I felt it good so I said yes without hesitation. For India, it was the following of my trip to Madagascar, because my best friend is Indian.

Is there a message you want to convey, through your work?

Yes, that of getting out of your comfort zone. It may be scary at first, but once you do it, it is only beneficial. We discover who we truly are, we take insurance and we enjoy life to the fullest. I also encourage you to travel, whether near home or halfway around the world.

Do you already have a future project?

Yes, I have a future project, which will take place in March 2020, in Togo. I met a former volunteer from India who is leaving on a project in Tsévié, 30 km (about 18 miles) from the capital Lomé. Besides that, I would also like to travel around the world as a photographer and introduce my public to all these beautiful cultures.