Alexander Zalokar is a photographer who lives in Vienna, Austria.

Even if Alexander studied and made up to a Masterdegree in economics, art was always a second part of his life. « I was my entire life interested in art. I was into Skateboarding which is definitely a mixture of an art in expression and a sport. (…) I visited a lot of exhibitions and like books. Same with music, architecture, concerts and dance. Almost all forms of expression and art gain my interest. » he tells us.

Alexander likes to shoot people, architecture and lost places. « Ideally, I mix all together. A model in a lost powerplant. A tiny dancer in NYC. » he says. He also focuses on perspective in his photographs. « Perspective is important in my artwork. I use a lot of wideangle lenses. » he adds.

« I do what I like. If someone likes my photographs too, it makes me happy. I just want to tell a story and show my vision. » he finally says.