In Lviv, Ukraine, there is a brand new initiative which aims at the concept of beauty in the world of fashion — the old-age mentality that beauty is all about outer appearance.

Created by photographer Marta Syrko, the project, titled, “Diversity You”, draws attention to the frank tolerance toward others who are different than you. The artist hopes to initiate the conversations about globalization and tolerance in today’s age.

One of the participants, Sasha, wanted to get involved despite her mother’s worries. “We were very worried when we came here, so much so that we even thought of going home. To participate in this project was Sasha’s idea, and I just support my love.”

Though, Sasha didn’t seem phased when asked why she decided to participate. “My name is Sasha. I’m a regular twenty-two-year-old student who works at work and enjoys video games. The only unusual feature in me for other people is albinism.”