Last summer in Los Angeles, during an exhibition called «Bright», the French photographer based in California Cédric Ih created a new poetic and muted project. «I took these photos in my installation “Dead Dinosaurs Strips and Photons” which was made of hundreds of translucent plastic strips, in which there were vertical neon lights. People could navigate through my work, creating a truly immersive experience and a passage between the street and the exhibition, a kind of threshold between reality and dream», he explains.

He then immortalized a few faces in the middle of this “plastic haze”. «I wanted people to take a moment, isolated from the outside world before entering the show, a moment where they could forget where they came from and end up facing themselves.»

According to the artist, the brightness can not exist without the darkness, a theme he often explores in his works. It is this opposition and this complementarity he emphasizes with this series.