Cadet Chapel, located in Colorado Springs and designed by Walter Netsch, is part of the United States Air Force Academy. The French photographer Thibaud Poirier has immortalized the soul of this place as eclectic as it is attracting.

«I had the chance to photograph this church built in 1962 during a trip this summer. I was lucky enough because, after many years of discussions, the church has finally entered a phase of work, two days after my photos. It will last more than four years and cost more than 150 million dollars», explains the artist.

This real gem of modern architecture has a striking structure and does not look like traditional places of worship. «The church was assembled with 100 identical tetrahedrons that were fixed by a tubular frame. The colours of the interior come from mosaics of coloured glasses and positioned between the tetrahedrons. The atmosphere inside is incredible, worthy of a sci-fi film and particularly impressive, knowing the building is almost 60 years old.»