Creatives of our generation use the smartphone as a real tool of creation in many fields : photography, video, graphic design, music… The Iphone by Apple is particularly appreciated for its image quality and its creative applications. From the HDR which brings more details to photos to the control of the depth of field, it is possible to make a professional shot only with an Iphone today. Find easy ways to improve your iPhone photography with the Apple tutorials, available on their website.

To celebrate the creativity of iPhone photographers, the iPhone Photography Awards have been launched more than 10 years ago. A dedicated Jury selects the best shots among thousands of iPhone photos from all over the world and winners are awarded in several categories.

Here are the winners for this edition :

©Gabriella Cigliano, ‘Big Sister’

©David Booker

©Valeria Cammareri, ‘At the Lake’

©Magali Chesnel, ‘Who is the boss?’

©Carol Allen Storey, ‘Young Survivors’

©Clarita Phiri Beierdoerffer, ‘In the Wind’

©Christian Helwig, ’Snowshadow’

©Yuliya Ibraeva, ’Sorry, no movie today’

©Vincent Chen, ‘Segla Mountain at Sunrise’

©Jessica Notelo, ‘Matera Magic’

© Neil Bennett, ‘Morning Mist’