Walking in the typical streets of Morocco through the eyes of Spanish visual artist Al Mefer is to accept mixing realism and fantasy. From his nocturnal explorations were born several artworks where the artist plays with colours and ambiguity with relevance, as he likes to create. Far from the usual clichés with warm and evocative tones, the series «Moroccan Nights» offers us to discover an almost surreal and yet sublimated Maghreb. These places, adopting both Western and Eastern codes, have captured the photographer’s attention.

«Morocco happens to be an interesting synthesis between tradition and progress. Due to the great number of cultural influences it feeds on, its urban landscapes show a combination in which traditional and modern architecture merge with street lights and nightlife. The use of neon colours serves as a means of highlighting the essence of its cities, as fusions of old and new, in which technological elements bathe the sight of the old Medinas», he reveals.