« For me reefs are one of the most exciting habitats or landscape structures on our planet », says Kevin Krautgarner. For this series, the aerial photographer wanted to « capture the beauty of these unique habitats, focusing not only on the well-known coral reefs in my series. There are a lot of very different-looking, often unknown reefs off our coasts, whose structures and dimensions really come into their own from the air. We often know tropical reefs as a colorful world of coral and fish as far as the eye can see. However, these can only arise and grow under certain conditions ».


« However, climate change is at the forefront today, as global warming leads to changes in the flow pattern in the oceans and increases the water temperature. Due to the increased CO2 concentration in the air, the displacement of the water also increases. This leads to reduced growth or dying in many coral species. I would like to point out these fragile ecosystems with my photographs, and hope they remind us all that we do on land impacts our oceans ».

Found more about his work on his Instagram page :  @kevin.krautgartner