Ismail Zaïdy, or l4artiste on Instagram, is a young Moroccan artist who transports us into an arial universe through unique photographic compositions. The photographer uses shapes and colors with precision to create clean and soothing images. He tells us more about his creative process…

How was your sensibility for art born? 

It was 2010 when I realised that I wanted to do something artistic. I attended a few artistic events and forums and it created this power and inspiration inside me that forced me to create things. I’ve been lucky to have my family supporting me, particularly since I won the prize of best Moroccan Instagram account. It got my mother really proud, and she’s the one who goes and buys materials for me without me asking her. It’s crazy how much she encourages me. She sometimes got annoyed when I use my sister and brother as models for my shoots, especially when they had to do their homework for instance…

How did you improve and develop your photography?

I always have my phone with me, so I shoot everyday and practice new techniques, it is important knowing the rules, but sometimes breaking them too! It is a neverending learning process, that needs patience and dedication.

The colors and compositions of your photos soothe, is it the result of a conscious process?

Yes, I wanted to create a comfortable style in the pictures. Most of the pictures you can see on social networking sites capture a lot of overcrowding and social problems. So I try to give visitors to my page photos that are comfortable with all the everyday noise they feel. I consider my instagram page to be a place to rest away from everyday stresses.  

What inspires you to create ?

I get my inspiration from my culture and family, I take this inspiration and adapt it with my universe

You mainly address positive themes: ambition, equality, realization of your dream … What message do you want to convey through your art?

While we live in the midst of noise and hatred, I like to create images that are contrary to that, to make the recipient feel comfortable and calm. I describe my picture as “liberating from all social and routine, and embodying everything that is artistic and spiritual. Although each picture has a different idea, it shares one goal: to promote Moroccan culture and to reduce stereotypes from the West towards Morocco. »

Some foreign people imagine that Morocco is just an arid country in which they move around with animals and that they do not understand anything, .. I want to change this idea and highlighted that Morocco is a country that contains a lot of creative people, and express my inner perspective, around a hub of other unique creatives.

At 21 years old, you have already been awarded as Instagram “Account of the Year” at the Maroc Web Awards, did it help you to develop projects ? 

Actually it wasn’t that great of help, I was expecting more exposure, more opportunities but nothing came up. The only help i got and still get is from my family and friends.

Discover more photos of Ismail on his Instagram account.