« After photographing big cities like Tokyo, Dubai, Hong Kong or Shanghai, for the energy it gives off and modern architecture, I was recently attracted by the beauty and architectural nostalgia of older cities like Paris, Rome or Venice », reveals Thibaud Poirier. For this unique series, the Parisian photographer was inspired by photos of the beginning of the last century and ancient paintings of the city of Venice. « With its typical and protected architecture, the absence of cars and technology, the low pollution that allows to have a beautiful starry sky, Venice remains intact and that’s what attracts so many tourists every year ».

Taken over three nights, these singular pictures were done from specific points of view. « In order to highlight the particularities of Venice that are the omnipresence of water, bridges and traditional architecture ». A marvelous way to discover the city through Thibaud Poirier’s magical and majestic point of view.

Found more about his images on in Instagram page : @tibman